Deckard Intelligence is the AI engine built to automate time estimations, optimize sprint planning and increase team performance. Turn your backlog data into a productive workflow!


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Automatize your project management with Deckard Intelligence.

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Deckard Intelligence

Let the engine optimize your project planning, save hundreds of hours and get immediate answers!


Find out when each open ticket and story will be realistically completed, trained on your data, updated in real time.

Estimate Effort

Get the estimation of absolute effort in actual days (not just points) for all tasks, tuned to your performance.

Instant Alerts

Predict development blockages directly in your Inbox. Save considerable time and money for each project.

Custom reports

We are here to provide you the most accurate forecasts and sprint plans our engine can provide. Start working with us!

How does it work?

Project management is hard! We automatize the worst part and give you mission critical insights.

Instant and accurate forecasting

Deckard Intelligence estimates "time to completion" for each task and issue in your backlog. Let the engine optimize your project planning, save hundreds of hours and get immediate results!

How much can you optimize?

Our software runs in real time and has already helped hundreds of developers and product managers in saving many more hundreds of hours in bad estimations.


Users Powered


Tickets Estimated


Hours Saved


Sprints Optimized

Success Stories

Drastically reduce time waste

The case: Lamudi is a successful real estate booking platform, generating huge revenues on their main markets. They were spending lots of valuable hours of their highly paid team leads and project managers doing time estimations.
Our solution: We trained our Deckard Intelligence solution to their workflow and completely eliminated non estimated Jira issues, aligned expectations and saved 4 hours per week per team lead.

Success Stories

Significantly increase performance

The case: A pilot startup at Axel Springer, managing several news portals and apps. Their increase in output per sprint had flatlined in recent times, while adding more developers.
Our solution: We tuned Deckard Intelligence to their historical data and provided daily reports on issues and tasks. Since introduction our software helped doubling the amount of completed story points at each development stage.

Scalable Pricing

You can save up to 210 hours and $15,000 a year by simply using Deckard Intelligence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many months/years of data do I need?

Typically 1 year minimum depending on company size.

What if I never tracked/estimated properly?

Our software is independent of your previous time estimations.

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