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Deckard is the most innovative, developer-centric and AI-powered documentation and collaboration platform.

Working remotely or managing developer-teams? Creating, sharing and finding information will never be easier.

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"Deckard significantly accelerates collaborative coding and is on a trajectory to become a real game changer in programming!"

- Felix Clauss, MD at Ritterwald

"Deckard places conversations about code where they belong: at the code! I didn't know I needed it before I tried it!"

- Britta​ ​Weber,​ ​CTO​ ​at ​12Grapes

"Deckard gives code history much more sense and depth. Truly essential if someone left the company who was responsible for it."

- Tobias Kaesser, Team Lead ​at ​Plista

Knowledge: sorted!

Deckard means smart dynamic team documentation. Import your code's data and enjoy no search in team-chat or outdated team wiki pages. Let's kill documentation monday for good!


Onboarding: painless!

Deckard knows where you are and shows you the Who, What, When, Where, Why of your code. Dozens of new developers asked the same question before, you are not alone!


Information: sticky!

Each piece of info in Deckard is bound to a pointer: snippet, file, directory, project or topic. Deckard's AI sorts and updates automatically for you. Information is never lost!