About Us

Deckard is a project management solutions firm, with deep focus on machine learning, data and AI. We can help you design and implement custom solutions to make your processes smarter.

Our mission

To create a measurable impact in growing businesses, through automation and smart solutions, making teams more creative and productive.

Why choose us

Strong relationship with trustful clients is our stand out. Deckard solution services differs, because we provide mission critical tools and insights based on real data.

Our promise

From our groundbreaking "Deckard Intelligence", to full package solutions for your business, we promise real change and impact of the most efficient design.

What we do

We are team of proven experts in the areas of data science, machine learning, analytics and medical technology. We love to drive your projects to a higher level.


Your goals, our goals.

To work with the industry’s leaders like you and turn your unstructured data into a competitive advantage.

We’ve got experience you won’t find anywhere else and we put our time and creativity at your service to get you a bespoke solution for your unique business challenges that delivers in ways generic software can’t.

Our skills

The Deckard team knows how to grow businesses and implement great ideas. We make teams work together, surpass their benchmarks and grow profit faster.

Our team has been working together for years, focusing on providing the best machine learning and AI backed solutions for: project management and growing businesses of all verticals. After one year we have expanded our services and specifically crafted them for industries like Automotive, Real estate and Medicine tech.

Big Data


Machine Learning




Data Infrastructure


Smart solutions


Passionate people on our team

Proven experts in smart technologies with a passion to help even smarter businesses.

Lele Canfora

Analytics + Project Management


Finding simple solutions to complex problems is my passion. I worked for several years in performance analytics for fast growing companies, then founded Deckard to take automation to the next level. I will help you and your team identify your optimization potential and make use of it.

Aurel Nicolas

ML + AI + Data


I'm the machine learning, AI, big data and security expert at Deckard. After years of working for Oracle and some of Germany's best startups I co-founded Deckard to work closely together with product and development teams, implement new ML technologies and customise our software solution.

Pascal Gula

Architecture + Cloud + Engineering


I breathe and live software engineering, cloud technologies, infrastructures and any new and exciting technical solutions I can use. I am a big Google fan, Google Cloud expert and have more than 10 years of experience in the field of software engineering. Happy to tackle your issues.

Tamara Radakovic

Med-Tech + Innovation


I'm a Medical Doctor with experience in tech projects. I worked for 5 years in the medical industry as a product advisor, researcher, market analytics, and project management at software teams. I help companies shape their products and implement AI technologies in Medicine.

Nalla Karunanithy



Former head of product and serial venture founders.

Michael Bucko



Data evangelist, machine learning expert and futurist.

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