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Our full-stack services

We are highly qualified experts in the area of machine learning, AI, data science, software engineering and security. Our mission is to shape your idea into product solutions and to optimise your business with core code knowledge and algorithm crafting.

Data science and analytics

We extract valuable information from your (un)structured data and create applications to leverage it and tackle your most challenging problems.

Architecture and Data Infrastructure

Let us help you implement data processing pipelines, streaming analytics, and data warehouses to process, analyze, and protect your data.

Machine Learning and A.I.

We can help you design and implement custom machine learning solutions to make your products and services smarter and efficient.

Medical technology

We work with big corporations and startups to innovate businesses, disrupt markets and design products that will make an impact and change the lives of millions of people.

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We deliver value for successful enterprises and fast growing startups.

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Success Stories

Drastically reduce time waste

The case: Lamudi is a successful real estate booking platform, generating huge revenues on their main markets. They were spending lots of valuable hours of their highly paid team leads and project managers doing time estimations.
Our solution: We trained our Deckard Intelligence solution to their workflow and completely eliminated non estimated Jira issues, aligned expectations and saved 4 hours per week per team lead.

Success Stories

Significantly increase performance

The case: A pilot startup at Axel Springer, managing several news portals and apps. Their increase in output per sprint had flatlined in recent times, while adding more developers.
Our solution: We tuned Deckard Intelligence to their historical data and provided daily reports on issues and tasks. Since introduction our software helped doubling the amount of completed story points at each development stage.

Our Story

Our team is passionate about bleeding-edge technologies and helping the best companies around the world to achieve sustainable innovation and market dominance.

We started working together at the beginning of 2016 with the mission to provide efficient machine learning and strategic solutions for project management. After one successful year we have expanded our services and crafted them for the most innovative industries such as automotive, real estate and medical technology. Learn more about out team of experts and contact us.

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Hear it from our clients and partners

We build relationships fast and make them trustful and durable.

Deckard spent a lot of time to learn about who we were and what we were doing before sitting down to work with us and proposing solutions. They were flexible and customised their Intelligence solution for our workflow completely.


Nalla Karunanithy

Former Head of Product & Venture Founder @ Rocket

Working with Deckard was inspiring and restructured our marketing strategies completely. I also really appreciate their willingness to work with our 24/7 schedule.


Henning Peters

CTO @ RiseML & serial entrepreneur

They have a phenomenally well smart group of technical and scientific professionals. We needed product consulting services for our data science and they really manage to understand our problem and provide us with knowledge and algorithm solutions.


Alan Hamlet

Senior dev @ AiBnB & former CTO

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