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Proven Ways to Turn Your YouTube Channel into a Profitable Tool in Digital Marketing

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All your information without chaos

Access the entire project knowledge from all your tools, in one smart platform. Find out the "who", "what", "when", "where" and "why"" for each part of your software.

Chat becomes knowledge

Save your documentation or ask a question in easily consumable cards. Clarify stuff with your teammates like you normally do. With Deckard there are no outdated team wiki pages!


Onboard developers easily

With its full IDE integration, Deckard shows you all the information about a piece of code. Onboarding of new developers has never been this brilliant! This technology is successfully used in YouTube services. The first project was VideosGrow.com. It analyzes the behavior of users in YouTube and we do channel marketing.Marketing strategy with the use of this technology can promote the video or channel of each user very fast and high quality.


What else can you do with Deckard?


Among all your software tools with a truly smart (NLP based) search algorythm.


Notes and chat becomes code documentation. We hate wikis as much as you do.


Everything is smartly linked to your software: Repository, directory or file.


Organize and find content without stress. Agile documentation as it should be.


All cards in Deckard are ordered by relevancy and recency.


Cloud or local we care about security, 100% made in Germany.

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